How does the After-Sales service work?

 Some products sold on the site are covered by a contractual guarantee. The duration of the guarantee is indicated on the product page on the website The guarantee includes parts and labour.

The guarantee covers the replacement of defective parts taking into account normal wear and tear.

For full details of the terms and conditions, go to the "Guarantees" section on the Artengo after-sales service site.

For all information concerning your guarantee, you may also contact your local Decathlon store.

Customers may return their product to the Decathlon store workshops with the invoice which can be recorded and/or printed out via the “My Account” zone or by clicking on “Contact” on the ARTENGO After-Sales service page, to contact our after-sales service team after completing and submitting a request form.

Returning or replacing an article

For details of these 2 procedures, click here.

For the After-Sales returns process for ARTENGO table tennis equipment, see the "Guarantee” section of our After-Sales service site.

For home pick-up, please contact us via the contact page of our Artengo After-Sales Service site

Where can I find the name of my table?

The name of your table is usually printed on the table. The name may also be printed somewhere on the structure or edges of the tabletops.

modele table 2

Where can I find the serial and reference number of my table?

The serial and reference numbers are printed on a label that is glued in a corner under the tabletop and also on the packaging.

numero serie table

Where can I find the assembly instructions ?

All assembly instructions for tables produced since 2002 can be found on this site under “Assembly instructions.

If your table is an older model, use “Contact” on our After-Sales Service site.

How can I find the part I need?

This site includes information about all the tables with reference numbers for all the parts including the wheels, legs and nets. To receive parts, go to “Spare parts” on our Artengo After-Sales Service site and give the reference number or name of your table.

Or, go directly to your local Decathlon store with the part you want replaced.

Can I replace a defective part?

 If a part is deemed defective by our After-Sales Service team and is still covered by the guarantee, you can return the part by clicking on “Contact” on our After-Sales Service site. The part(s) will be replaced and any postage costs refunded.

If the part is no longer under guarantee, go to “Spare Parts” on our After-Sales Service site to find the part you need.

Can I replace one of the tabletops?

The ARTENGO team will replace the full table under certain conditions.

Click on “Guarantees” on the Artengo After-Sales Service site.

Or go to your local Decathlon store or contact us with a goods return form via: “Contact".

When and where can I be delivered?

Delivery is possible from Monday through to Friday

•         Half-day delivery slots

•         Delivery to the entrance of your home (or entrance hall of a building)

•         The deliveryman may ask you to help unload the package

•         The shipper will contact you to fix a delivery date. A precise delivery time is not possible.

What are the payment options?

You can order and pay using your credit card on our site 

What are the estimated delivery times?

Once we receive your order and payment, your order is sent within 5 working days (subject to the availability of the parts).

How long are the guarantee periods?

Tables are guaranteed for between 2 to 5 years for the past product lines and 10 years for our new "Roll & Play" range (FT730 O, FT830 O, FT860 O, FT890 O)

Brakes, nets, posts, plastic housing and adjustable legs are guaranteed for 2 years.

The guarantee only covers the replacement of parts deemed defective by our After-Sales team and does not cover damage resulting from wear and tear, incorrect installation, the non-observance of use and safety instructions, a lack of proper maintenance, the use of abrasive products on the tabletops, accidents, and all misuse of the table.

See “Guarantees” on the Artengo After-Sales Service site.

Submitting a request for a service provided under guarantee?

Complete the form on the "Contact" page of our After-Sales Service site or send a letter with:

         The reference number, name and/or serial number of your table

         A description of the problem

         Photographs if possible or the part in question

         A copy of your receipt


This letter can be posted at :


4, boulevard de Mons


Replacing the locking system

See “Assembly Instructions” for your table.

If your table is a FT730 O, FT830 O, FT714 O or FT744 O: remove the red handle to free if from the metal tube and replace as required.

A wheel is broken. Do I need to change the whole system?

Yes. In this particular case and if it is still guaranteed, go to "Contact" on our After-Sales Service site for a replacement.

If it is no longer under guarantee, go to our After-Sales Service site to find the part your need.

The net seems too short.

To fix a new net, you need to stretch it a little, manually. The first time you fit a new net it is always a little difficult, but the length has been carefully calculated to prevent it from becoming too loose with time.


When opening or folding up the table, the tops do not slide into place easily. Is there something I can do?

First ensure all mobile parts are fixed tight.

If there are no broken elements, grease the sides and sliding zones.

What is the best way to look after my table?

Use a specific product for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Avoid all caustic and abrasive cleaning agents to avoid damaging the tabletop. Grease or lubricate the folding mechanism and wheel to prevent premature wear. For outdoor tables, although designed to remain outdoors in all weather conditions, use a cover to prevent the colour fading due to the sunlight. In the event of strong winds, fix the table firmly to the ground to avoid an accident.